Redmont Distilling Co. is an Alabama based distillery owned by NBA All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and Emmy Award winning Charles Barkley! The first distillery since prohibition in Birmingham, AL, Redmont Distilling Co. produces two unique high-quality spirits: Redmont Vodka and Vulcan Gin.

Redmont Vodka is a premium spirit that embodies clarity in taste, color & smell. It is 8x distilled, made from corn and is gluten free & non-GMO. Perfect for making incredible cocktails or enjoying on the rocks.

Vulcan Gin is a beautiful and full bodied gin. Vapor infused with four botanicals, it is simple and not overpowering. It starts out clean with the juniper berries up front, the mid tones are soft and delicious and finishes perfectly with sweet orange peel.

With an unbeatable taste and Sir Charles' stamp of approval, we can confirm one sip is all it takes to become a lifetime fan of our top shelf, hand crafted spirits!

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